• 20″ Whirlaway Surface Cleaner

20″ Whirlaway Surface Cleaner

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20″ Whirlaway Surface Cleaner Yellow Rotary Flat With Castors BRAND NEW


276 Bar max pressure
30 Lpm max flow
20" polypropylene cover
On 4 castor wheels
80°C max operating temperature
Trigger gun, M22 M inlet
2x 25° nozzles, 025, 1/4"

Whirl-a-Way is designed to operate with both hot & cold water pressure washers.  We do not recommend the use of hot water as the nylon brush skirt will soften and wear prematurely, voiding any warranty. We recommend that you supply grease to the rotary head every 30 – 40 hours of use.

During operation, should you experience a buildup of small stones or other foreign material within the cover, we recommend that you simply tip the cleaner on its side at 45°  which should expel any foreign materials. This will give longer wear to your tips and swivel arm.

It is very important when operating your Whirl-a-Way, that you maintain a continuous motion.  Should you leave the cleaner in a stationary position, the surface being cleaned can be seriously damaged by the high pressure.  The distance of the nozzle tips from the surface can be adjusted by loosening the bolt on the rotary head mounting collar and adjusting the rotary head up or down.  Be certain the allen head bolt is tightened again to prevent the rotary head from moving during operation.  Please ensure that your rotary head is adjusted to maintain a minimum of  1” clearance.

You will quickly find your surface cleaning system a welcome addition to your  pressure washing applications.  It is designed to give you a safe and rapid method for cleaning hard surfaces, and will save you time in comparison to using a conventional gun and wand.  The durability of this surface cleaning system is enhanced by the way it is handled by the operator.  Please take care to ensure that the Whirl-A-Way is not continuously being swung against buildings, curbs, etc., which can damage the cover.  Also, be aware that the high speed rotating arm must not come in contact with rigid protruding objects which can quickly damage or completely break off the steel arm. Finally, do not apply excessive weight to the plastic cover.

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